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Vibrant Postcards and Posters: Fresh Summer Colors

Vibrant Postcards and Posters: Fresh Summer Colors

The colour palette 'Vibrant Postcards and Posters: Fresh Colours of Summer' was inspired by the vibrant energy and fresh atmosphere of summer. The fresh coral red symbolizes the passion and warmth of the sun, while the sunset yellow captures the radiant energy of summer evenings. The vibrant sea green evokes the lush nature and deep green foliage, while the deep blue ocean blue reflects the tranquility and depth of the sea. These colors harmonize with each other to create a vibrant yet calming mood. The color palette is ideal for designing postcards and posters designed to capture the fresh and vibrant atmosphere of summer.

Suitable for

  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Summer Events
  • Beach parties
  • Promotions


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