Knitting and crocheting

Warm wool tones for cozy knitting and crochet art

Warm wool tones for cozy knitting and crochet art

The 'Warm Wool Tones for Cozy Knitting and Crocheting' colour palette includes a range of warm earth tones and soft pastels, perfect for needlework projects such as knitting and crocheting. Brown-red, Peru, pumpkin and brown form the basis of this palette and represent the natural color of wool. Rosy brown and sand brown add a soft and cozy touch to the palette, while clay and peach add a touch of brightness and freshness. These colors go well together as they create a harmonious blend of earth tones and soft accents. The palette is ideal for designing knitting and crochet projects such as blankets, scarves, hats, sweaters and other handmade textiles. In addition, these colors can also be used for label design, packaging, or promotional materials related to knitting and crochet art.

Suitable for

  • Hand-knitted blanket in warm earth tones
  • Crocheted Scarf in Soft Pastel Colors
  • Self-made hat in natural wool colors
  • Label design for handmade knitted products
  • Packaging for handmade crochet products


  • Knitting
  • Crochet Art
  • Wool Tones
  • Handwork