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Vibrant Nature: Green, Blue and Brown - inspired by nature

Vibrant Nature: Green, Blue and Brown - inspired by nature

The colour palette 'Living Nature: Green, Blue and Brown - Inspired by Nature' includes a wide range of natural tones that are versatile in photography and image editing. The dark emerald green evokes the depth of a dense forest, while the mid-green sea green evokes living seaweed. The aquamarine reflects the clear water of a mountain lake and the steel blue conveys the tranquility of the sky on a sunny day. A hint of sky blue brings lightness to the palette, while the dark steel blue represents depth and seriousness. The different shades of brown, such as medium brown and dark brown, are reminiscent of tree trunks and earth, while the Peruvian brown reflects the warmth of the earth. Golden yellow and persimmon add sun-drenched accents, while the dark sea green is reminiscent of lush plants on the seashore. This color palette is ideal for nature photography, landscape images, outdoor portraits, and any type of image editing that wants to create a natural and vibrant atmosphere.

Suitable for

  • Nature Photography
  • Landscape Pictures
  • Outdoor-Porträts
  • Image editing


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