Playing cards and board game design

Royal Color Palette for Playing Cards and Board Game Design

Royal Color Palette for Playing Cards and Board Game Design

The royal royal color palette for playing cards and board game design combines warm, bold hues with cool, earthy nuances. The ochre brown is reminiscent of antique papyrus scrolls and gives the design a nostalgic touch. Combined with the deep blue-violet, it creates a mysterious and elegant atmosphere that captivates players. The bright golden yellow adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the design, while the brick red represents passion and energy. As a counterpoint to these intense colours, the creamy white and salmon pink provide balance and delicacy. A connection to nature is provided by the forest greenery and the lake greenery, which radiate peace and harmony. The medium blue and dark magenta add a creative and artistic touch to the palette, while the salmon red and light khaki provide a subtle, warm complement. Rounding out the palette are the indigo blue and dark olive green, which add depth and stability.

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