Doll & Toy Design

Puppen- und Spielzeugträume: Pastellfarben und fröhliche Töne

Puppen- und Spielzeugträume: Pastellfarben und fröhliche Töne

The 'Doll and Toy Dreams: Pastel Colours and Cheerful Tones' colour palette is a lively and playful collection that is perfect for the design of dolls, toys and child-friendly products. The delicate nuances and cheerful tones evoke a world of fantasy, creativity and carefree joy. The soft pink and lavender add a touch of cuteness and softness, while the apricot and golden yellow create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Sky blue and turquoise bring freshness and lightness to the palette, while pink and light green add playful accents. These colours fit together harmoniously and offer a wide range of design options for doll and toy designs. From cute stuffed animals to colorful building blocks to imaginative doll clothes, this color palette will make childhood dreams come true.

Suitable for

  • Doll design
  • Toy design
  • Children's room design
  • Children's clothing
  • Children's book illustration


  • Color palette
  • Toy design
  • Dolls
  • Creativity
  • Childhood