Birdhouses and wildlife feeding

Natural Birdwatching: Green Tones and Earth Colors

Natural Birdwatching: Green Tones and Earth Colors

The colour palette 'Natural Birdwatching: Shades of Green and Earth Tones' was inspired by birdwatching and wildlife feeding. The palette consists of earthy green tones such as moss green, fir green and olive grey, which reflect the natural surroundings of the birdhouses. These are complemented by warm earth colours such as clay brown, maroon and walnut brown, which are reminiscent of the natural materials of the birdhouses. The subtle use of slate grey and stone grey gives the palette a balanced and calming touch. This harmonious combination of colors is ideal for designing birdhouses, bird feeders, and garden decorations to create a natural environment that attracts birds and other wildlife.

Suitable for

  • Designing Birdhouses
  • Decorating wildlife feeding area
  • Natural Garden Design


  • Birds
  • birdwatching
  • Nature
  • earthy colors
  • Shades of Green