Magic and illusion shows

Magical Twilight: Mystical Violet and Gold

Magical Twilight: Mystical Violet and Gold

In the world of magic and illusion shows, everything revolves around fascination, mystery and surprise. The 'Magical Dusk: Mystical Violet and Gold' colour palette captures the mysteries and glamour of this world. The profound mystical violet symbolizes the hidden powers and magic that lie in the air, while the radiant gold reflects the splendor and elegance of the illusions. The powerful royal blue adds a regal touch to the palette and evokes the deep wisdom associated with magic. The dark purple completes the palette with a mysterious and alluring shade that captivates viewers. These colors harmonize perfectly with each other, creating a strong visual presence that captivates the audience. The color palette is ideal for designing stage sets, costumes, promotional material and invitations for magic and illusion shows.

Suitable for

  • Stage sets
  • Costumes
  • Advertising material
  • Invitations


  • magic
  • Illusion
  • Color palette