Dollhouses and miniatures

Magical Miniatures: Pastel Colors and Vintage Tones

Magical Miniatures: Pastel Colors and Vintage Tones

The 'Enchanting Miniatures: Pastel and Vintage Tones' colour palette consists of a selection of delicate pastel colours and soft vintage tones. These paints are ideal for designing dollhouses and miniatures. The delicate peach, creamy ivory and powdery lilac give the premises an enchanting atmosphere. Mint green and dusky pink bring freshness and vibrancy to the miniature worlds, while the vintage cream and grey-brown convey a touch of nostalgia. The colour palette also includes pearl white, pale yellow, delicate rosé and antique beige, which create a harmonious and atmospheric overall composition. These colors go well together as they create a nostalgic and fairytale vibe that goes perfectly with dollhouses and miniatures. The colour palette is particularly suitable for the interior decoration of dollhouses, miniature worlds, model making and for creative craft projects in miniature format.

Suitable for

  • Interior decoration of dollhouses
  • Designing Miniature Worlds
  • Model making
  • Creative Craft Projects in Miniature Format


  • Dollhouse
  • Thumbnails
  • Color palette
  • Pastell colors