Car design and painting

Futuristic Car Design Colors: Chrome, Cobalt Blue, and Silver

Futuristic Car Design Colors: Chrome, Cobalt Blue, and Silver

For the topic of car design and paintwork, I have put together a futuristic color palette that fits perfectly with modern vehicles and their paintwork. The color palette includes five expressive colors: gold, silver, cobalt blue, salmon pink and chrome. Gold adds a touch of luxury and elegance to car design, while silver adds a timeless and sophisticated touch. Cobalt blue symbolises seriousness and technological progress, while salmon pink stands for creative accents and individuality. Chrome completes the range with a shiny, futuristic touch. These colors harmonize perfectly with each other and offer a wide range of design options for car designs and paintwork. The range is particularly suitable for modern, innovative and futuristic vehicle concepts as well as for painting prototypes, show cars and electric vehicles.

Suitable for

  • Autodesign for Prototypes
  • Painting of show cars
  • Electric vehicles
  • Innovative vehicle concepts


  • Car design
  • painting
  • Futuristic
  • Chromium
  • Cobalt blue