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Festliche elegance: Burgundy, gold and emerald green

Festliche elegance: Burgundy, gold and emerald green

For a festive event decoration, the colour palette 'Festive elegance: burgundy, gold and emerald green' is perfect. Burgundy gives a classy and warm atmosphere, while gold adds a touch of luxury and elegance. Emerald green brings freshness and vibrancy to the palette. These colours go perfectly together and complement each other perfectly. Burgundy provides a rich foundation, gold brings glitz and glamour, while emerald green provides an invigorating contrast. This palette is particularly suitable for festive occasions such as gala evenings, weddings, anniversary celebrations and glamorous events. It can be used in table decorations, floral arrangements, interior design and invitation cards to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

Suitable for

  • Gala evenings
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Event decoration
  • Interior design


  • Event decorations
  • Color palette
  • Event planning