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Fascination Sky and Flying: Blue, Silver and White

Fascination Sky and Flying: Blue, Silver and White

The colour palette 'Fascination of the Sky and Flies: Blue, Silver and White' was inspired by the beauty of the sky and the exciting feeling of flying. It is made up of different shades of blue and gray that reflect the vastness of the sky, the elegance of airplanes, and the modernity of aviation and aircraft design. The dark blue represents the depth of the sky, while the sky blue and sky blue light evoke the bright days and the lightness of flying. Silver and white represent the technological development and splendor of modern aircraft. The gray tones give the palette a professional and elegant touch that enhances the aircraft design. These colors are ideal for designing aircraft, airlines, airport branding, aircraft websites and apps, and themed events around aviation and flying.

Suitable for

  • Aircraft design
  • Airline
  • Airport Branding
  • Aircraft Websites
  • Airplane Apps
  • Aviation Events


  • Aviation
  • Aircraft design
  • Sky
  • Fly
  • Blue