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Elegant Glasses Design: Gold, Copper and Aubergine

Elegant Glasses Design: Gold, Copper and Aubergine

When it comes to eyewear design and fashion, colors play a crucial role. The 'Elegant Eyewear Design: Gold, Copper and Aubergine' colour palette offers a harmonious range of colours that exude elegance and sophistication. The warm gold adds a luxurious touch, while the shimmering copper stands for modernity. The deep tones of eggplant add a mysterious depth to the palette. The combination of these colors is ideal for elegant eyewear collections, giving them a timeless appeal. In addition, the palette can be used for glasses cases, promotional materials and store decorations to create a stylish and appealing atmosphere.

Suitable for

  • Eyewear Collections
  • Glasses cases
  • Advertising materials
  • Store Decorations


  • Eyewear fashion
  • Color design
  • Eyewear design