Postcards and poster design with sea motifs

Colorful Seascape: Turquoise, Coral, and Sand

Colorful Seascape: Turquoise, Coral, and Sand

The colour palette 'Colourful seascape: turquoise, coral and sand' is inspired by the colours of the sea and the beach. The turquoise of the clear waters, the coral of the vibrant coral reefs, and the sand of the sunny beach add a fresh and vibrant vibe to any postcard and poster design. The soft colours of peach, sea green, dusky pink, beige and mint green complete the palette and offer a variety of combinations for backgrounds, texts and accents. These colors go well together as they create a calming and at the same time lively mood. The palette is ideal for marine and beach motifs, be it postcards, posters, invitations, promotional materials or social media graphics. With this color palette, designers can capture the beauty and diversity of seascapes in their creations.

Suitable for

  • Postcards
  • Invitations
  • Advertising materials
  • Social Media Graphics


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  • Turquoise
  • Coral