Film and video game industry

Cinematic Adventure: Dunkles Blau, Rauchgrau und Gold

Cinematic Adventure: Dunkles Blau, Rauchgrau und Gold

The 'Cinematic Adventure' color palette is inspired by the film and video game industry. It contains the deep, mystical dark blue, reminiscent of the vastness of space or the depths of the ocean. The smoky gray gives the palette a neutral and elegant touch, while the radiant gold stands for adventure and mystery. These colors are perfect for the design of movie posters, video game graphics, film marketing materials and for the color design of characters and landscapes in video games. The combination of dark blue, smoky gray and gold creates an atmosphere of excitement, elegance and adventure that immerses the audience in the world of the movie or video game.

Suitable for

  • Posters
  • Video game graphics
  • Film marketing materials
  • Color Design for Video Game Characters
  • Color Design for Landscapes in Video Games


  • Film industry
  • Video game industry
  • Color design
  • Filmmarketing
  • Video game graphics