Astrology and Tarot Cards

Mystical Night: Star Blue, Amethyst and Gold

Mystical Night: Star Blue, Amethyst and Gold

The "Mystic Night: Starry Blue, Amethyst and Gold" color palette is inspired by the mysterious world of astrology and tarot cards. The deep colors such as amethyst, midnight blue, and mystical violet evoke the hidden mysteries of the universe, while gold and light gold represent spiritual energy and wisdom. Dark burgundy and rusty orange symbolize passion and transformation, while silver-gray and antique beige add a touch of mysticism and mystery. This color palette is ideal for astrological and esoteric brands, tarot card designs, spiritual blogs, or for any brand that wants to create a mysterious and intriguing atmosphere.

Suitable for

  • Tarot Card Design
  • Astrology Website
  • Esoterik-Blog
  • Spiritual Magazin
  • Mystical Accessories Shop


  • Astrology
  • Tarot cards
  • Mystical
  • Sternenhimmel
  • Esoterik