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Kreative DIY-Projekte: Farbenfrohe Inspiration für Kunsthandwerker

Kreative DIY-Projekte: Farbenfrohe Inspiration für Kunsthandwerker

The 'Creative DIY Projects: Colourful Inspiration for Artisans' colour palette offers a wide range of vibrant and harmonious colours that are perfect for crafts and DIY projects. The fiery red adds passion and energy to any project, while the sunflower yellow represents sunshine and optimism. Fresh greenery brings closeness to nature and growth in the design, while cool blue-green has a calming effect. Deep navy blue adds depth and stability to the overall image, while the purple twilight shade creates a mysterious and creative atmosphere. Coral orange provides warmth and dynamism, while the soft apricot adds a delicate and friendly note. The turquoise tone completes the palette with a touch of exoticism. These paints are ideal for creating arts and crafts projects, DIY decorating, paintings, ceramic painting, textile design, and more. They can be used to highlight handicrafts, create inviting interior designs or present products in the arts and crafts sector. The palette offers a wealth of possibilities to make creative projects colorful and inspiring.

Suitable for

  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • DIY-Deko
  • Image design
  • Ceramic painting
  • Textile design


  • Craft
  • DIY projects
  • Color palette
  • Color design
  • Creativity