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Elegant Glasses Design Color Palette

Elegant Glasses Design Color Palette

The Elegant Eyewear Design color palette consists of a mix of deep and elegant shades that perfectly complement the world of eyewear fashion and design. Jet black symbolizes timeless elegance and adds a touch of sophistication to eyewear. Sapphire blue adds a refreshing and trendy touch that emphasizes the individuality of the wearer. Silver gray adds a modern and chic touch to eyewear fashion, while white, gray, royal blue, blue-gray, and light blue can be used as accent colors to highlight certain design details or elements. This color palette is particularly well-suited for eyewear designs aimed at fashion-conscious customers and designed to embody a combination of classic and modern. It can be used in the design of eyewear collections, promotional materials for eyewear brands, store concepts for eyewear stores and fashion accessories.

Suitable for

  • Eyewear Collections
  • Advertising materials
  • Store Concepts


  • Eyewear fashion
  • Color design